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So Much To Blog, So Much to Knit!

Seriously. I have time, and yet then again I don't. I come home from work and spend a good two hours perusing the web deciding what kind of yarn to order without blowing the budget, and then trying to decide what to knit next with the yarn I already have! And then I realize, I really need to buy a pair of winter boots befor the weather gets really bad... but at the end of the day, still. Nothing.

Actually, I did start knitting Limulidae Cowl using Lion Brand Jiffy yarn in a pretty mustard color. I'm big into cowls right now... so far, so good. I'm on, like, row 5. hah!

I decided to knit my boyfriend the Hybrid Sweater
I ordered the book the pattern is published in, Knitting Without Tears, yesterday, so now all I have to do is order the yarn to knit it! :-D AHHH! I think I'm going to go with Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Mushroom.

There's a few more things on my wishlist... but again... must heed the budget. But as a compuslive Forever21 and H&M shopper... it's all …

Behold! The Purple Sweater!

As promised, here are pix of the purple sweater (aka 257 Pull Empi├Ęcement Rond) I just finished! I definitely couldn't have done it without Wabbit's translation on Craftster! 
The only changes I made to it was adding a sort of cowl neck... So cozy! I'm wearing it to work today!

One-Eyed Tiny Purple Picture Taker!

Alas, my Carl Zeiss digicam announced its retirement a few weeks ago when it started taking pinkish photos, and eating up battery life like no tomorrow. I took it upon myself to just "browse" Best Buy for a new digicam... to, you know, see what's out there. And then I came upon this cute purple Kodak 10.3 megapixel for a mildly dirt cheap price! Did I mention IT'S PURPLE?!?!?! :-D While I have an amazing hand-me-down rebel with a sick lens from my mom... I need something I can just toss in my bag when I go out... being the shutter bug that I am.

I can't wait to try it out on my way to work!
In other news, I finally finished my PURPLE sweater that I've been knitting away on for eons! I love it! 
Pictures to come soon... with my trusty new... ahem... digitcam! :-P