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I Must Confess...

There are not enough hours during the week to get as much knitting done as I'd like. Even though it's Friday, the thought of another 10 hours without picking up a pair of needles makes me sigh...
I guess the ten hour drive to and from Cape Cod this weekend will make up for it, but long intervals of non knitting just kill me. ::another long deep sigh:: I'm in the wrong profession.

Don't get me wrong. My day job , which I'm incredibly lucky to have, is fun and I work with awesome people. But if I could knit all day long, believe me, I'd do it! I'd have my own LYS! Someday. ;-)

There, I said it. I've been meaning to for a while, and it feels good. Now let's just hope no one from my office reads this. I don't even think they know I knit! New Media + Knitting make an odd pair. Although I have been wearing Ditto around the office. I guess it's a good sign when people don't come up to you and ask "Did you knit that?"

So, I'm working y…

My First Shawl!

I finally called in sick to work for what I like to call a "mental health" day. Between having my wisdom teeth pulled, multiple parental unit festivites, weekend car travel and busy work weeks, I've been burning the candle on both ends. I needed a day alone and of nothingness... And it was so worth it!
Got some much needed house cleaning done, a nice long walk in the sunshine, even bought a cute pair of shoes! And of course I got a good deal of knitting in.

In fact I finished off my last skein of Knit Picks Timber! If FedEx is on their stuff, I should get my next yarn shipment tomorrow. Woohoo!

I was perusing Ravelry this afternoon for patterns that use Caron Simply Soft Eco, and came across a shawl pattern Vernal Equinox Surpirse, that I found myself diving right into! I've never knit a shawl before but so far I'm loving it! I've got a ways to go but I can't wait to wake up and work on it some more!

Ugh... Get some sleep Kristin. Work tomorrow. Must be brigh…

The Great Yarn of Kristin's Past

Project #1: I decided to turn the spare room of the apartment into my knitting alcove. I have one of those railroad apartments, with two big rooms on either end and two odd spaces smack in the middle, one of which Dennis uses as an office. The other, I considered my "lounge", but it somehow morphed into a room with a mountain of clothes on a sofa (thanks to my morning wardrobe crises) and ironing board storage. I feel like I have to do something soon, or Dennis threatened to turn it into a"walk-in closet"... (and he's serious!)

I'm thinking of hitting up Big D and getting some cheap shelves for storing my yarn balls. I'd like being able to look at them, rather than stuffed away in some rubber-maid bin. It's prettier, and this way I can pretend I'm in my LYS, when I feel a yarn craving coming on. I won't be tempted to plurge! (this has not been proven to work... but we'll find out) Other than that, there's already a sofa, window, flo…

Getting my EZ on

Another rainy day. I didn't get to knit this morning because I had to prepare some stuff for work. But now I'm back from the grind, Dennis has band practice, so have all night to knit up a storm! (and a glass of Gato Negro Chardonnay to boot!)

I decided to knit Dennis a new sweater, since the first one I knit (EZ's Saddle shoulder) was insanely huuuuge! This time around, I'm gonna try her seamless raglan... and if I don't screw it all up, I'm mixing in a few other elements. A knitting mash-up if you will!
Anywho, I'm knitting with Knit Picks Worsted Wool of the Andes in Timber, and I love it! I like the subtle changes in color... it already feels and looks so cozy! Maybe I'll end up wearing it! :-P
Also, I didn't realize how fast each skein knits up! I had to order more online yesterday... thankfully there were still some in stock, because it's in the "last chance" section. And just for extra kicks, i ordered a few skeins in gold.... and …

Done Ditto Done!

As predicted, last night I finished knitting and stitching up Ditto!
Although the alignment iss slightly off-kilter, I may need to re-sew the buttons. I just couldn't resist taking pics of it!
I found the buttons at this place called JUNK that just opened down the block from me, where they have bowls of retro buttons 25cents a piece! I was psyched to find they had these because they're identical to the color of my cardigan!

Ironically, the first band took me a whole week to complete, where the second only took me part of yesterday to knit up! My stress fluctuations are quite obvious in the first band, since my gauge does change here and there. It's not that bad, but thankfully the second button-hole band covers the other.

Just finished making my Black Bean Dip... now it's off to a BBQ at my parent's place! Maybe I'll get some better photos of Ditto there. While I like my shower-curtain backdrop, they've got better landscaping for it! ;-)

Button Holes of Wisdom

When it comes to my over all well-being, it hasn't been a good year for me. Ever since I got health insurance, I've been playing catch-up with doctors. Especially my Dentist... Lordy knows I needed a good cleaning. So, when I went in for one today, little did I realize I'd be getting a second wisdom tooth extraction as well! (I was going to have it out eventually, but I guess this one wanted out!) The tooth literally chipped while the dentist was working on me.
And to think this weekend would be relaxing. A girl can't get a break.

I don't know why I was more freaked out this time around. But I was and requested laughing gas, but to be honest, I didn't feel any effect. The main thing was that I didn't feel any pain whatsoever. I just kept imagining unicorns dancing in my head as the Dentist poked, prodded and yanked the sucker out! I even took a picture with my iPhone. But I'll spare you the visual. ;-)

I'm really testing my threshold for pain this yea…

Ball of Yarn With a View

I had my first annual review at work yesterday, and it went very well! I even got a small raise! Woohoo! I celebrated by taking Dennis out to Amarin Cafe for dinner. Yummy Thai food and it's BYOB! Can't go wrong there! Afterall, he did sit there holding the skein while I rolled that ball of Knit Picks yarn up there! I didn't think he would do it, but I think he thought it was funny how my eyes got all wide with joy. ;-)

Almost done knitting the first side panel of Ditto. My US 3's are super long and a little cumbersome to manage all of 17 stitches. I wanted to make it to B.E. Yarns after work before they closed, but the G Train just sat in the station for an ungodly amount of time. So I missed my window. Not today... I have a doctor's appointment in the morning so I might have to make up an hour of work. *le sigh* I think having my knitting stuff delivered to my office is my best bet. Plus I like the anticipation of receiving mail at work!

OK, knitting, get dressed …

Manic Monday

Back from Cape Cod... totally exhausted! Just got back from work no less, and functioning on about four hours of sleep. We left around 8:30pm Sunday and didn't get home until 1am.
But so worth it!

We drove to Provincetown to catch a whale watching cruise. I didn't have high-hopes of seeing anything, since Dennis claimed it's very hit or miss. But I figured I'd get a nice boat ride out of it anyway. Better than sitting on a windy windy beach in a hoody and big sunglasses! Turns out we got a show that blows SeaWorld out of the water! (no pun intended) ;-)
Whales galore! A baby and it's mom just swimming around eating plankton and jumping in and out of the water. So cute!!! I'll let the photos speak for themselves... although they were all taken on my iPhone because I forgot to recharge my legit digital camera! d'oh!

All in all, I got an insane amount of knitting done on the ride home. I'm basically finished with Ditto. Just working on the frontbands. Thusfar,…

Good Morning Cape Cod!

So we didn't get in last night-- err morning until 2am! after making a pitstop @ a trucker slumber party somewhere in BumbleFoog for gas, tire air re-fill and snacks, we get stuck I'm traffic for another two hours... I was knitting the whole time so I barely noticed. After work I picked up a cute LED reading light to attach to the sun visor in the car... It had a low setting so it didn't distract Dennis while he was driving. Other than that The random punk station and conversation kept us upbeat and awake!

I'm actually typing this on my iPhone in bed... It's 8:00am. Of course this is he time I always wake up for whatever reason.. I can't fall back asleep once I'm up in the morning. Normally I'll make breakfast turn on the tube Check my email and knit until Dennis wakes up... Can't really do that here.

Not sure what we'll do today. It's surprisingly chilly here. My feet are freezing and am finally motivated to knit a pair of socks! I definitel…

It has sleeeeeves!!!!

Happy Thursday! This week is going by so fast, which is awesome because we're going to Cape Cod this weekend! We're leaving Friday night after work. Five glorious hours of knitting in the passenger seat! However it just dawned on me that it's gonna get dark... so I might have to invest in a tiny reading light... although this might also put Dennis over the edge! ;-) And this time, I'll bring enough yarn!

I've managed to work on Ditto a few hours this week... an hour every morning, and about two after work... in between cooking dinner and watching the boob-tube with Dennis.
But overall, it's coming along nicely!

Also, it looks like my refrigerator is on its way out. The freezer works, but the fridge is barely keeping anything cool. Luke-chilled yogurt is kind of blegh... and kind of scary! Time to call my crazy landlord who never picks up his phone, or returns our calls. Leads me to wonder who's been cashing our rent checks.

Ugh, 8:00pm. Work. My brain is fried…


Sunday was a total knitting bust! I love the beach, but if I have nothing to do, forget it! I fidget, I whine about it being too windy and crossword puzzles only hold my attention for so long. I can't just lie there for hours on end... I need SOMETHING to do! I was psyched because this time I have a knitting project going! So with my knitting in tow, we drove off to Robert Moses.

However, while knitting on the drive there, I realized my knitting would come to a halt. (again: this is why one must READ the pattern before doing ANYTHING!) halfway along, I realized I would have to bind off a portion of the body, set aside, and begin the sleeves on smaller needles. Of course, I did not pack said smaller needles and extra yarn. I pouted the entire way there... and then Dennis said the inevitable: "At least now you can relax!" I turned to him and gently shouted "Knitting is relaxing!!!!" I couldn't help but think of that one episode of a Knit Picks podcast and chuc…

Ditto Day 4

3 Day weekend is here! Yesterday was Dennis' birthday. I'm buying him a new bike this weekend, but just as a little something, I got him two cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery, and a pot of sunflowers! I figure they're the more masculine of the flower bunch... sunny, cheerful, yet sturdy! ;-) We went out to eat at this incredible Puerto Rican fusion restaurant called Luz, in Fort Greene... I had a shank of lamb that literally fell off the bone! So increadibly :-9 I highly recommend it if you're ever in the area!

I also thought of a great post-engagement gift to knit him! I'll keep that on the down-low for now until I actually knit it. And no, it's not a sweater!... although I intend on knitting another one for him soon! The first one was too big! oops!

Day 4 of knitting Ditto... I'm about 75% through my first skein of Berroco's Ultra Alpaca... and I'm thinking, I'm gonna need a lot more yarn! But so far so good! At first, I thought I was knitting f…


I really blew the yarn budget this week. Not only did I just order several skeins from, but yesterday after stumbling upon Berroco's Ditto pattern, at 6pm sharp, I busted a move to my LYS in Greenpoint (right before they closed) and purchased Berroco Ultra Alpaca in 6290! There isn't an exact color name, but I'm smitten. It's kind of a faint heather periwinkle.

Finally! A cardigan I want to knit!

Another thing that amazes me, is that I didn't mind COing 210 sts onto US 3 needles! Normally this would intimidate me. But I took Kelly Petkun's advice from one of her KnitPicks Podcasts and separated every 30 sts with a marker. I'll definitely be using this little trick a lot more!