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Hey from Cape Cod!

It's 3am and I can't sleep for the life of me... And so, I blog! After three days, we're heading back in the afternoon. We drove down Thursday with Some friends, got some beach time in, ate at the Skipper, and passed out by 9pm. It was a long drive! Friday we got an early start. Ate some breakfast took a long walk along the National Seashore, drove to Provincetown for lunch and picked up some Salltwater Taffy. Unfortunately Saturday was shot thanks to hurricaine Danny. Rain rain rain! So after breakfast we hit up the aquarium, Christmas Tree shop and last but not least... The Cape Cod Mall! After a half hour we couldn't take it any longer and opted to pick up some lobster and mussels to make for dinner. Sooooo goood! I then treated evryone to ice cream at Sunday School.

I wasn't able to get too much knitting in. Just on the trip here and some yesterday on Our way too and from the aquarium. I didn't want to bring my swallowtail shawl with me, since I'm on …

My First PDK (Public Display of Knitting)

My Vernal Equinox Shawl is finished! I love it! I love it! I love it! It's so big and cozy, albeit a bit more capey than shawlly which I really don't mind. It'll be awesome to wear this fall when it gets uber chilly. I couldn't help walking around apartment with it on... Even thought it was about 100 degrees out! :-P

I also put together my mom's birthday present in a nice basket... Can't wait to give it to her! I'm also knitting her the lace trim hat in the book "101 Designer One-Skein Wonders" just as a little something extra. I knit the swatch and measured my head, but still it seems a bit big. I just decreased it by 10 stitches after the lace patter, so I'll be a floppy-brimmed hat if anything.

Now that I'm on this lace-knitting kick, I cast on Evelyn Clark's Swallow-Tail Shawl using Knit Picks Palette in Oyster Heather. The center stitch is suprisingly easy to knit, and can't seem to put it down because it grows and grows after e…

The Inevitable Lace-Knitting Kick Begins

Finally! A lazy quiet Sunday. Although thanks to the A/C, I'm coming down with my annual summer cold. ::sniff sniff::

On the way back from meeting up with Dennis' family in New Jersey yesterday, we made a pitstop at Wal*Mart and I was able to pick up another skein of Caron Simply Soft Eco. Woohoo! I can finish my shawl! Of course we ended up stocking up on a bunch of other necessities. It would be terrible to stop at Wal*Mart just for one skein of yarn... although I had to hold back from buying more. I have another Knit Picks shipment coming next week!

My Mom mentioned that she'd like to learn how to knit, and of course, thinks it's too hard. So I'm putting together a knitting care package for her birthday! She'll be getting a pair of Knit Pick's Harmony Wood needles in size 7, three skeins of Knit Pick's Swish in Eddy, Bok Choy, and Wisteria and 101 One-Skein Wonders! Not to mention, several free lessons with Moi! Can you tell I'm trying to make thi…

"Pookie... I think you have a problem..."

***I meant to publish this a while ago, but never got around to uploading photos, etc... another crazy week!***

Dennis said to me this morning, when he found me happily knitting in my lair 8:15. (although I do think he meant it lovingly) Apparently my knitting problem is worse than my drinking. At least I have that going for me. ;-)

Anyway, lots to talk about!

Had a knitting-filled weekend. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm out of Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn for my Vernal Equinox Shawl. :-(
If Dennis didn't have to go to work on Sunday, I would have begged him for a Wal*Mart pitstop and re-stock, but alas... no Wal*Mart on the way home. I still have a bit left... but I just know it's gonna run out.

So, I spent Sunday dating some of my yarn. I fell in love with a pattern in my "Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns" and decided to knit a couple swatches of it, and I'm glad I did! I realized how painful it is for me to knit with lace-weight yarn... even though the Knit…

At Last!!!

The week is over. Friday is here, and I'm sitting happy and content in my knitting alcove, with glass of vino, free to do all things knitty! Woohoo!
(Can you tell, it's been a long day of video editing, and computer gawking. I've gone slightly loopy.)

So close to finishing my shawl! I want to finish this weekend... but not sure if it's gonna happen. We're going to a wedding tomorrow out in Poughkeepsie. Should be fun. Even though I'm craving another weekend of nothingness, and seriously, I NEEEEED to clean the apartment... I'm waaaay too tired to clean when I get home from work as it is. Maybe Sunday I can salvage some state of vegetableism.

OK. My knitting. It's calling out to me. Can't resist anymore! ::Cheers Clinky Dahling!::

PS... I LOVE my new Knit Picks Zephyr Needles! I swapped them with my aluminum 9 Circs. The one thing that's a bit tricky though are the screws. Here and there, I find the screws come loose. I'll try putting more umph i…

Cape Cod 2009 Part Deux

Another crazy Monday. Worked non-stop since 9am-6:45pm... catching up on a missed deadline from last week. Nothing but editing, editing, editing!

I left 6pm on the dot last Friday because Dennis and I planned to drive up to the Cape that night. A friend of ours' had a birthday get together, so we stopped by for a drink, but by the time we got home, packed and gassed up the car, it was 10:30pm! Armed with knitting needles, and about to hit 495, I second guessed our trip. I was pooped. It made no sense for us to get there by 4am, to enjoy only a few hours there, and have to drive back to the city by 5pm. Craziness. So we opted to wake up at 6am and get up there by noon. Worked out perfectly.

Got some beach, kayaking, and oodles of knitting in! Look how far I am with my shawl!!! Can't wait to finish it. It's going to be so cozy! Perfect for the office and insanely cold subway rides.

I stopped in Adventures in Knitting again, in Harwich. Thankfully they were open on Sunday. The …