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Hilde Hat Prototypes

Sunday Breakfast

Clearly, I have a lot to learn about pattern writing. For one, it helps to write it down as I go along and second, when testing the pattern, to follow it exactly and not deviate. Although, now I am left with two different yet pleasing hats, one of which will go to my Grandmother!
I can't wait to give it to her!

Hilde Prototype A (FO) & Prototype B (WIP)

Hilde Prototype B (FO)

I charted the first prototype (gray), using the Knit Visualizer Demo... which works great, except it won't let me save, print, or do anything with my work. While I'd love to splurge on a $200 knitting program, my budget simply won't allow it. *le sigh* So, it was screen grab and Photoshop to the rescue!

Hilde Prototype A

Yesterday, I picked up 2 more skeins Cascade Heathers from B.E. Yarns ; One blue, the other olive green... and some pretty red buttons!

I'm going to use the green yarn to knit another hat and follow the pattern religiously, fixing any mistakes and kinks.


Cozee Pattern

As promised, I wrote a pattern for Cozee!
You may download it for free here.
I also may have had a little too much fun Photoshopping in snowy vistas!

Do let me know if you have any questions. This is the first pattern I've written so I'm anticipating a few kinks. Otherwise, Enjoy! I can't wait to see how yours turn out! :)


Ravelry Page
Download Cozee Pattern

Little Birds: A Lesson Learned

So, I finally cast on Ysolda's Little Birds cardigan and I don't think I'll be the first to say, this pattern ain't no slice o' cherry pie! Actually, it just reiterates a lesson I shall never learn: READ THE PATTERN FIRST... at least you'll know what you're getting yourself into.

The process was tedious as hell, to the point where I got to the 1st button hole and I collapsed in a puddle of utter frustration! I saw all the warning signs. They were there GLARING me straight in the face:

1. Provisionally CO 139 sts on US 3 needles... right there, that's a SHEISSE-load of stitches on itty bitty needles! But no. I made it my business to learn the provisional cast on method, and soldiered on!

2. Little did I expect that after a few rows, I'd have 277 stitches transferred to US 1 needles! Yes, the tubular cast on (With smallest needle, K2 off larger needle, P2 off smallest needle) is not for the faint of heart. Don't get me wrong. I see where Ysolda is …


Mystery sweater is finished!... and it came out exactly as I had planned!

Now for a name... because honestly,I'm not liking Mystery Sweater.

I think I'll call it Cozee... because that's exactly what it is!

Still needs a run through the wash... maybe I'll skip over to the laundromat before dinner.

And last but not least...

This morning I surprised Dennis with nice big stack of pancakes smothered in butter, maple syrup and grilled banana slices! :-9 Needless to say, he was very pleased.

Happy Valentine's day! Love Kristin <3<3 <3

Mystery Sweater

I've put all projects on hold and jumped right into knitting a sweater... pattern not included. Yup. I've been looking all over for a big old chunky sweater with a button-up cowl neck, but said pattern was nowhere to be found. So, I'm taking matters into my own hands.

The main part of the sweater is finished: Just your basic raglan. But I'm going to add a reversible cabled cowl neck. Not sure how it's going to turn out, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Also, it's a bit stiff, so I think a run through the wash will relax it a bit. That's what I like about Lion-Brand... although it's cheap, and more acrylic than wool, you can pop it in the wash and not worry about shrinking. In fact, it does the opposite.

One of the first sweaters I ever knit (EZ's Seamless Saddle Shoulder) with Wool-Ease worsted, turned out too big. I threw it in with my laundry thinking it would shrink... boy was I wrong! It was supposed to be for Dennis, but let's just say i…

Mission Snap Dragon Flip-Tops: Accomplished!

~ Pointy-hat mitteny thing ~

I refused to leave the apartment until I cast off the last Snap Dragon Flip-Top. 7:45pm, mission accomplished! Rummaged through my ever-increasig button collection and found these puppies:

~ Button a la JUNK ~

One of my favorite JUNK store finds. I have one more button and enough yarn leftover... perhaps a valid excuse to knit a matching hat. Hmm...

~ usual shower curtain back drop / turned-head pose ~

I was so excited, I posted a photo of it on my Facebook page for all my non-knitty friends to oggle... Mainly positive responses, but later when we all met up for drinks, Dennis' friend replied, "What was that pointy hat-looking mitten thing you posted earlier?" I laughed, pulled said mitten out of bag and demonstrated it's wonderous dynamics. Needless to say he and his girlfriend starred back in awe. ;-)

~ Flip-Top Cast On ~

Casting the flip-top bit on took some time for me to figure out... but it's simple: You're really just running a s…


I've fallen off the radar again... possibly due to a night of birthday festivities and excess. All I can say is that I've learned my lesson, and learned it well: Vodka & Jaegger. They do not mix. The next morning will not be pretty. Heed my words. Other than that, it was a lovely birthday!

Dennis drove me to The Yarn Tree, where I bought two skeins of super soft Frog Tree Worsted Merino wool! I've been meaning to check out this LYS for a while, but it's been too cold... and I've bee too lazy! All in all, a very nice shop with lots of yummy, fluffy (albeit pricey) yarn. But do check it out. The people who work there are super nice, too!

Later, we ate at Five Leaves, a restaurant the late Heath Ledger opened in Williamsburg. The food is soooooo gooooood!!!! It's like an upscale London pub / oyster bar... with an incredible list of drinks. I ordered the Roasted Icelandic Cod, which came on a bed of spinach with chickpeas and macademia nuts! Need I say more? Very…