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Episode 92 — "All Caked Up"

This week things are looking up — My podcast is back on, and I'm sporting a new microphone. W00t!

I'm excited to report that all my 'Top Secret' knitting is complete (pattern-writing included) and I can resume normal selfish-knitting tendencies.

BUT, before I get into all that, I should mention that I finished Dennis' Ringo Hat! Here I am, modelling it:

I promise to nab a photo of the mister wearing it ... soon. To tide you over, here's a photo of him modelling the Gourmet Stash Hand-Spun Punis I knit up for him:

BTW, I name drop Gourmet Stash like CRAZY this episode! ... Gourmet Stash.

But yes — the Ringo hat is a DROPS Design pattern (free) which I knit with MissBabs Northumbria DK in "Dream Weaver", a lovely denim-blue, brown, variegated colorway, which Dennis' picked out at Rhinebeck.

So, on to what I am currently knitting:

I've been working on my Raven's Nest Shawl by Judy Marples — a pattern from Cascadia. I'm k…

Episode 91 — "Of FOs & Sharknados"

Housekeeping Notes:

If you haven't already heard, Blip.TV has decided NOT to delete my show. W00t! After writing to their support team, a few weeks later I received this apology note:

Producer Relations, Nov 04 05:54 pm(EST): Hello,
Our sincerest apologies for the confusion.
After further review we discovered that your account was incorrectly flagged for removal from Blip. Your account will not be removed and we’ve re-enabled your account’s ability to upload videos. If you have any further problems, please contact
Thanks, Blip Producer Support So after that ... nothing has changed! The only new thing to come out of this is that I will be uploading episodes to YouTube as well!

Also, you might have noticed the audio has not been great. My microphone died, so that will be getting replaced ASAP.  In fact, the new one arrived yesterday!

So while it hasn't been a very good month for podcasting, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone for your patience and support. :…